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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Is it safe to eat Gulf Coast shrimp following the oil spill?

The answer may seem obvious, but it is safe to eat the shrimp. For now. Experts are saying that the long term effects on the plants, animals, and the fishing industry can be devastating (duh). "The shrimp affected by the gulf will smell like oil" says Charles Wohlforth, the author of “The Fate of Nature: Rediscovering Our Ability to Rescue the Earth.”
Experts are also saying that shrimp will be hard to come by and the price increasing will be a definite possibility and the prices will depend on the market
I'm no expert, but I'd go to the Florida Panhandle with a couple bottles of Dawn and a some rags! :D


  1. Good thing I don't like shrimp :D

  2. I LOVE the blog header and button! (and nice environmental blog). :D I made one for a class of mine last year. It was fun, but there was just too much to write!

  3.'s why I'm vegetarian.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog :o)

    The Gulf Oil Spill is bad news that will probably be affecting us for years to come. It's sad that a catastrophe like this was allowed to happen and I was shocked to discover that absolutely nobody had any plans in place to handle an emergency like this. Way too many 'we've never tried this at such deep levels' being tossed around in talks about what to do.

    If you like keeping up with environmental info, you might want to check out a site called Environmental Graffiti. I write there as mshaw2268